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10.25.20101 Min Read — In Career

I thought that it would be a useful exercise to publish my thoughts as I work towards getting to know myself a bit better. I am a recently-married West Point graduate that was medically retired from the US Army in December 2008 after a brief 18 month stint as an Army Lieutenant. I had been in a PhD program for History at Georgetown University, but I ultimately decided to resign my fellowship to better support my wife Erica, who is currently a second-year medical student at Loyola of Chicago. I have been searching for employment since moving to Oak Park in late July, but, to date, little has materialized. In addition to the spiritual exercise of discerning my life's purpose and calling, I am going through RCIA, the process of becoming a Catholic, through St. Edmund's Catholic Church.

In summation, I am very much a wandering soul. I admit that my humanities background makes me an exceptionally over-educated unskilled laborer. With the help of God, my family, and my friends, I hope to learn to live a wiser, happier, and more fulfilling live.

Journey with me!

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