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10.25.20101 Min Read — In Career

I am currently working through three career books. So You Majored in What? is more-or-less a guide for humanities majors trying to figure out how to make their interests and coursework (seem) relevant to real-work jobs. What Color Is Your Parachute? is the perennial classic. The Pathfinder is the book that seems to have the best ratings for people considering a career-change. To date, I have finished So You Majored..., and I am currently working through Parachute. As a part of creating my Flower Diagram (see above), I have worked to rank order my values/goals/purposes in life. With the help of Erica, I've determined that the following are my important values:

  1. Will, Conscience: The human will or conscience is my major concern. I want to improve the world my improving morality, justice, righteousness, and honesty.
  2. Mind: The human mind is my major concern. I want to contribute knowledge, truth, and clarity to the world.
  3. Spirit: I want to increase spirituality, faith, compassion, forgiveness, love for god, and love for the human family.

I am not yet sure where I could best serve these values. I normally would associate these values with law, but recent events have made me quite skeptical of the utility of becoming yet another unskilled humanities student that stumbles into law because of lack of clear alternatives. Another alternative is the priesthood, but as a married man I'm no longer eligible for that kind of thing. Religion and theology are interests of mine, but they do not seem to be a particularly good way of putting bread on the table

YHWH, give us this day our daily bread...

I will remain upbeat about my options and meditate on my best way forward.

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