Mainframe Rap

02.08.20132 Min Read — In Mainframe

My name’s Gene Amdahl reincarnate
and I’m the builder of the plan upon z is based
I understand you’re IT on a mission
but if you could just stay a min
stay a while and listen
Once again the force of mainframe must erupt
and melt Cisco UCS.
Thank you very much!
And I suppose I’m responsible
for dealing with this Windows epidemiological
Chronicle of a diabolical Oracle
It’s Horrible when your chance of uptime
is thinner than a hair follicle
Smaller than a molecule
HP’s more than metaphorical
It’s down and beat down
Into the Cracks
Underground like my Raps
Now let me tell you the facts
You need these to run your apps to the max
So ensure your CIO’s ears are clear and sound gets through the wax
System z comes in five flavors at once
If you need speed, then TPF’s a slam-dunk
Linux is all the rage
When on VM it is staged
And VSE won’t take your whole wage or affront
z/OS is the flagship of centralism
Today’s the day you make the fate-changing decision
Make Haste before you find your job off-shored
Run to Office Depot
Grab a marker and a white-board.
If you’re struggling with Amazon, just
Tap my number in, and ask for Sean, ‘cause
In that conundrum I am the man
To leave Jeff Bezos heaving, gasping
Like it’s asthma, damn, ‘cuz
I got the Masterplan
I take Big Iron and I craft it like an Artisan
The improvement of z is essential
Through the use of my weapon, the pencil.
Tearing apart Exa hardware like parchment
Giving Larry’s heart a myocardial Infarction
You’ll beg my pardon when I call z the mainframe
But I blog to fight against the brain drain.
So lyrically I’m lethal
All I need is beats and to THINK
And you’ll rise like an Eagle
Double down on the mainframe option
And you’ll run this IT game like a Watson.
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